Important Instructions

When Packing Your Diabetic Test Strips

Thank you for requesting your mail kit.  

Once your kit arrives, complete the following steps in order to receive cash for your extra, unused diabetic testing supplies:

1) Inspect the items you are selling. Make sure they are factory sealed, unexpired, with no damage. Make sure the Brand you are sending us are brands listed on our website. Off brands may not be returned. Damaged boxes will be paid less.


LEAVE THE Prescription stickers or labels on the box and we will remove them.

Please DO NOT remove the prescription labels. Damage caused to the box by improper removal of a label or sticker may disqualify and reduce the value of the item. (We will have the prescription labels properly destroyed.)

2) Place the items in a sturdy shipping box. You can use grocery store plastic bags, bladder bags, peanuts, newspaper, or tissue paper to cushion the items in the box so the contents do not shift or get damaged during transit.

3) Tape the box shut. Affix the return label over the previous label.

4) Deliver your package to your local USPS Post Office or hand it to your postal carrier.

5) Your payment will arrive Check, PayPal. PayPal is the quickest way to get your money. Resolve any issues you have with Paypal account prior to sending us items. This can delay your payment. We will issue a check as a standard method.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to paying you for your supplies!


Final Points


Insure that your boxes are still sealed, undamaged and un-expired.  Boxes that arrive damaged are subject to a minimum 25% to 75% reduction in pricing at our discretion.


Damage is considered as any dent, ding, tear, crease or writing on any part of the box.  Boxes with broken seals will not be accepted.  If you're unsure it's best to contact us HERE.


DO NOT remove any labels, stickers, or tape from the boxes.  Removing labels may damage the box REDUCING your payout.  DO NOT write or draw on the labels as this may also damage the box decreasing your payout.  We will remove and destroy once your boxes arrive.

Quickly return your package to us.  Market Prices fluctuate and can go up or down.  Sealed, pristine boxes with no damage pay the best prices.


Your pricing and payout is only locked in once your package is delivered to our office. You are responsible for the safe delivery of the boxes.


For best results, fill out our request form.


We reply to "Chat" when possible. Better yet, fill out the form.


Whenever you contact us, make sure you leave complete phone numbers and email addresses. We answer the phone. We return phone messages. We reply to emails and texts. 

Throughout the year in different locales be advised that the USPS may experience delays in shipping due to weather events. Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you.

Choose PayPal and Return Label for Fast Pay!

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