Dints, Dings and Damage abounds

Frequently we receive boxes that have a wide range of damage from minor dents and dings, to rips and tears, and crushing issues along with even a burn mark.

Peruse our photos to get an idea of how broad the damage is as well as the frequency. We hear regularly that, "These are new". Which in fact, probably are, however, they may have been recently given out by a pharmacist, then returned, and re-labed for the client who sold them to us.

Pharmacists will employ various methods to present them to the new client. They may rip off the previous label and attache the new label. They may afix clear tape to one all of the four sides. They may even fail to notice the expiration date and issue them expired.

We have seen many things repeatedly. We encourage clients to just be aware that any damage will result in a lower payment amount for your unused test strips.

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